BC's Duncan Campbell to be inducted into Hall of Fame

Vancouver, October 25th, 2005 - The Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) is proudly inducting two members to its Hall of Fame: André Viger as an Athlete and Vancouver's Duncan Campbell as a Builder. Paralympic superstar Chantal Petitclerc will be the keynote speaker for the event to be held November 10th at noon in the Porte Kent Ballroom of the Hilton Quebec in Quebec City.

In the Builder category, Duncan Campbell contributed to the development of sports for the disabled by inventing Wheelchair Rugby in the late 1970's, also known as Murderball. Duncan is known as the "Quadfather" of the sport which soon became an action- packed, must-see sport at the Paralympic Summer Games. Today, Duncan continues to promote the Movement demonstrating "his" sport, wheelchair rugby, throughout Canada and working for GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre in Vancouver. In his honour and by popular request, the trophy awarded to the Wheelchair Rugby National Champions bears his name, the Campbell Cup.

Campbell, a quadriplegic, devised the wheelchair version in the 1970s while messing about with five friends in a gym in Winnipeg. He said it was a fluke that the game took off but the development of the game from then to now took a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment.

"There was no team sports for (quadriplegics) so we used to lift some weights, but we got bored with that," he said. "We were in the gym one afternoon and started to throw things around -- that's where it started.

"There were no rules really... we called it murder ball," Campbell added. "But when people got together to define the regulations, we decided murder ball might not be the best name for a developing game."

These two outstanding ambassadors join many great individuals in the Canadian Paralympic Hall of Fame, such as Joane Berden (2003), Arnold Boldt (2001) and Eugene Reimer (2001) as Athletes and Rick Hansen (2003), Robert Jackson (2001), Jerry Johnston (2003) and Robert Steadward (2000).

The Hall of Fame is an integrated part of the CPC Annual General Meeting. Tickets for the ceremony are $35 and can be purchased at the CPC office by contacting 613-569-4333 or at contact@paralympic.ca.

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