Notice of 2023 BCWSA Annual General Meeting - September 28, 2023

Please be advised that the BCWSA 2023 AGM will be held at 6:00 pm on Thursday, September 28th, 2023.  Members must register to attend the meeting by contacting Operations and Fund Development Coordinator Matt McDonell by email by September 14th, 2023.  Registered attendees will receive a Zoom link and/or call-in details. Please note that this year's AGM will be held virtually.     

An agenda is included at the bottom of this page and all reports will be distributed via email to registered participants ahead of the meeting.


There are 4 positions on the BCWSA Board of Directors up for election at the 2023 BCWSA AGM.  To date, there are four incumbent nominees, all of whom are current members of the Board of Directors, as follows:

Laurel Crosby - Laurel is the current President of BCWSA and has been involved in Wheelchair Sports since 1979 as a team leader, board member, educational advisor and more.  She is the President of Wheelchair Rugby Canada, a Past President of the Canadian Paralympic Committee and was the Chef de Mission for the Canadian Paralympic Team in Barcelona.  Laurel is retired from her role as a principal at an elementary school in Richmond.

Ross Robinson - Ross is wheelchair basketball player, past board member of BC Wheelchair Basketball and long serving Board Member of BCWSA. Over the years, Ross has provided valued guidance and expertise to BCWSA in the areas of harassment, human resources, disciplinary proceedings and member relations. Ross is retired from his role as a Child & Youth Mental Health Clinician with the Coast Fraser Region.

Kelly Smith – Kelly is a Paralympian in the sport of Wheelchair Athletics, having won a silver medal in the Marathon at the 2004 Athens Paralympic Games. In addition to serving on the BCWSA Board of Directors for a number of years, Kelly was a high performance coach and mentor in athletics. Kelly also worked with NAV Canada as an Air Traffic Controller and later in a management role.

Debbie Tobin – Debbie is a long-time volunteer with BCWSA having been instrumental in the creation of the Wheelchair Rugby Schools program and supporting numerous wheelchair rugby tournaments and fundraising events with BCWSA over the years. Debbie is a Vice Principle in the West Vancouver School District and the former Artistic Director for the Richmond Children’s Art Festival.

For more information on any of the nominees, please contact BC Wheelchair Sports. 

In accordance with the BCWSA Constitution and Bylaws, nominations will be accepted up to September 21st, 2023.  The nomination form, including submission details is attached in a document at the bottom of this page. 


Members may complete a proxy form which, as a voting member of this Association, gives you the opportunity to have a vote by designating a member in good standing to vote on your behalf.  This proxy vote is to be used only if you are unable to attend the Annual General Meeting on Thursday, September 28th, 2023. 

Please complete your proxy form online here:

or sign and send your proxy and/or nomination form documents to be received by BCWSA by Thursday September 21st, 2023 to BC Wheelchair Sports, 780 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC V6P 5Y7 or by email to