BC Athletes Represent Team Canada at the ParaGames In Wheelchair Floorball

Several BC athletes made history this weekend when they represented Canada at the ParaGames in floorball and became the first North American team to compete internationally in the sport. Adam Frost, Jamie Borisoff, Hilary Brown, Roberto Molina, Shaun Mills, Kyle and (former BC resident) Pat Anderson traveled to Breda, Netherlands to compete in the prestigious tournament.

Though floorball/ ball hockey has been a BCWSA sport for decades, it's only recently gained popularity in Europe and has become an internationally recognized sport. Despite having never played at the international level before, the Canadians placed 4th out of 8 teams. The team was put together by Adam Frost and Hilary Brown with the help of the BC Floorball Association.

"BC Floorball is proud to have kickstarted a new movement of Floorball action for athletes of varied abilities, and we will continue to support and encourage athletes of all abilities to get ‘playing hockey’ via Floorball," said BC Floorball's Greg Beaudin.

Congratulations to our members for kicking off what will hopefully be a successful international legacy in floorball! If you are interested in getting involved in floorball, contact Kevin Bowie at kevin@bcwheelchairsports.com.

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