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Who participates

This exciting sport has participants with a wide range of abilities including paraplegia, quadriplegia, amputees, cerebral palsy and individuals who are able-bodied. Divisions exist for male, female, junior, senior and master participants. Classifications within the sport exist to ensure fair competition for all levels of ability.


The development of sport wheelchairs over the last 20 years has been phenomenal. Athletes have gone from using 40-50lb steel framed chairs to the super light weight aluminium framed chairs of today, which weigh about 20lbs.

BCWSA has developed a racing chair loan program that is designed specifically for new and interested racers within the province of BC. A one year loan can be arranged through BCWSA at a minimal cost. Each year BCWSA loans the racing chairs to new participants in the WC Race Series, giving them a chance to try out the sport and determine their preferred seating arrangements before purchasing their own equipment.