Who Can Play

Anyone can play wheelchair tennis! Individuals in manual or electric wheelchairs can participate. You do not need to be able to grip a racquet, as the racquet can be secured to your hand by taping or specially designed grips. There are divisions for men and women, juniors, and quadriplegics (this class includes anyone with a mobility impairment in at least three limbs). Players can participate in the wheelchair division, or in an able-bodied tournament using International Tennis Federation (ITF) rules for matches where one individual is standing, and the other uses a wheelchair. Everyone is welcome!


Wheelchair tennis can be played in an everyday wheelchair, with a racquet and tennis balls from your local sports store. It is an inexpensive, fun sport to start at the community level. Free courts exist in many communities, and individuals can play with family and friends. At the more advanced level, specially designed tennis wheelchairs are used to give players greater mobility, speed and balance. BC Wheelchair Sports has a number of tennis wheelchairs available for rent through our wheelchair loan program. In addition, a limited number of chairs are available for use in some of our ongoing programs.


Wheelchair tennis follows the same rules as able-bodied tennis with the only exception being that wheelchair players are allowed two bounces before returning the ball. In the case where a wheelchair tennis player plays an able-bodied opponent, the wheelchair player is allowed two bounces and the able-bodied player is allowed one. For full rules and regulations, click here.