• Story 11: The Vancouver Cable Cars

In 1970, the “Dueck Powerglides” — the first wheelchair basketball team in BC — were renamed the Vancouver Cable Cars. The team participated for many years in the American league and became a powerhouse at the national level in Canada, winning the national championships 13 times between 1968 and 1983. The team included athletes such as Peter Colistro, George Boshko, Eugene Reimer, Rick Hansen and Terry Fox, who would go on to play important roles on national teams and in bringing wheelchair sports to the public eye.

The Cable Cars were inducted into the BC Sports Hall of fame (as the Dueck Powerglides) and and the Wheelchair Basketball Canada Hall of Fame. In recent years, BC athletes have paid tribute to the Cablecars by naming an NWBA team and a Division 2 BC – CWBL team after them. Today, we honour the Cablecars and the many athletes, coaches and volunteers who helped to ensure their legacy.

Below are some photos of the Cable Cars and a photo collage from the BC Sports Hall of Fame induction.