• High Performance Programs

  • Aim for greatness! Our High Performance programs support athletes who want to compete in national and international competitions for BC and Canada.

  • Overview


    BC Wheelchair Sports has programs for athletes of all levels from recreational to competitive.


    For individuals wanting more competition and the opportunity to push themselves to improve and take on the best, our high performance programs and provincial teams are a great fit.




    With provincial teams in all three of our sports, athletes have the ability to travel and represent BC at National competitions and gain exposure to a performance pathway that could even lead to the world stage.


    BC sends provincial teams to the National Championships in Athletics, Rugby, and Tennis each year who test themselves and compete against others from coast to coast.


    Several current BCWSA athletes and many alumni have represented Canada in international competitions including the Paralympic Games, World Championships, World Team Cup, and more.

    • Selection Criteria

      Selection criteria to join our high performance programs differ from sport to sport and are often published online and shared with athletes prior to or at the start of a sport’s season.

      Selection criteria may include a variety of objective and subjective metrics including but not limited to, physical testing, commitment, training habits, and more.


      For more information on selection criteria, please contact your sport’s coordinator or visit the links in the table below.

      Athlete Assistance Program

      Athletes in BCWSA’s High Performance Program may be eligible for additional funding and support through the Athlete Assistance Program (AAP).



      AAP funds can be used to support a range of eligible athletic expenses including equipment, travel, and integrated support team (IST) services like strength and conditioning, athletic therapy, sport psychology, nutrition, and more. For more information on the Athlete Assistance Program and sport-specific eligibility, please contact your sport’s coordinator.

    • Wheelchair Athletics

    • The BC Provincial Wheelchair Athletics Team represents BCWSA and Team BC at National Championships, the Canada Summer Games, and a range of different events and races throughout the season.


      In addition to attending weekly development-level programs and practices, members of the High Performance program attend several provincial clinics during the season and may also be invited to attend other camps and competitions around North America and the globe.


      To learn more about our Athletics team and how to get involved, please contact Sr. Program Coordinator Jessica Ferguson at jessica@bcwheelchairsports.com

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    • Wheelchair Rugby

    • The BC Provincial Wheelchair Rugby Program includes the pool of athletes who represent BC at important competitions throughout the rugby season, culminating in the National Championships each May. Athletes in the BC Provincial Team program are expected to attend their weekly club practices and attend multiple Team BC training camps throughout the year, plus select competitions across Canada and the Pacific Northwest!


      To learn more about our Rugby team and how to get involved, please contact Sr. Program Manager Jackie Patatas at jackie@bcwheelchairsports.com

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    • Wheelchair Tennis

    • The BC Provincial Wheelchair Tennis Program includes the top Wheelchair Tennis players in the province who represent BC each year at the Birmingham Nationals and often compete on the International Tennis Federation (ITF) UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Tour.

      The BC Provincial Wheelchair Tennis Program includes both senior and junior athletes and players are expected to attend both camps and tournaments throughout the year.

      To learn more about the BC Provincial Wheelchair Tennis Program and how to make the push to competitive wheelchair tennis, please contact Sr. Program Manager Michelle McDonell at michelle@bcwheelchairsports.com

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    • Get Involved

    • Do you want to participate in Wheelchair Sports but with less competition and expectations? Our Developmental programs are a great place to start. Programs will often feature a mixture of recreational and competitive athletes and you can work with our coaches and staff to tailor an approach to your goals, whatever they may be.

      Everyone’s journey starts with a first push. Contact us today!

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