• Vancouver International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament

  • Elite Wheelchair Tennis at the Beach!


    The Vancouver International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament is BC’s premier wheelchair tennis tournament, bringing players from around the world to the Kits Beach Tennis Club in Vancouver.

  • With Men’s, Women’s, Quad and Junior divisions. The Vancouver International regularly showcases the talent and skill of athletes from across the globe and local favorites.


    Free admission for the public makes our tournament one of the most exciting and affordable events for Vancouver tennis fans to enjoy.


    So join us from July 10-14, soak in the sun at the beach and cheer on the athletes as they compete for the title and valuable ITF World Rankings points on the UNIQLO World Wheelchair Tennis Tour.

    • Wheelchair Tennis

    • Rules


      Wheelchair Tennis follows the same rules as able-bodied tennis. The only difference is Wheelchair Tennis players are allowed two bounces of the ball; provided the first bounce occurs within the bounds of the court. Players feet, legs and buttock must also stay in the chair or on the seat when striking the ball.


      The events are singles (between two players) and doubles (between two pairs) across the divisions.


      Matches at the Vancouver International are three set matches – The winner of a match is determined by the first to win two sets.



      Who Can Compete?

      To be eligible to compete, a player must have a medically diagnosed, permanent, mobility-related physical disability which must result in a substantial loss of function in one or both lower extremities.


      Each Wheelchair Tennis player is classified based on their functional ability.


      There are two class divisions, “Open” and “Quad”.


      Open Division:  Players have a permanent, substantial or total loss of function in one or both legs. They do not however have impaired upper body function.


      Quad Division:  Players with a physical impairment in one or both of their legs along with one or both of their arms.

    • SPORTS

    • Tennis at BCWSA

    • The Vancouver International is one of our main tennis events, but its far from the only Wheelchair Tennis initiative we run at BC Wheelchair Sports. For more information on the sport and our programs CLICK HERE or contact Makenna Baileyl today!