• Story 27: The WC Race Series

The BC Road Racing Series was founded in 1995 as a developmental wheelchair racing program. Its creators, James Hustvedt and Steve Milum, wanted to provide competitive opportunities for wheelchair racers that would also have a fun, social component. In 2000, the program became a non-profit society and the name was changed to the WC Race Series Society as it expanded into Western Canada. Track was also added.

After the WC Race Series became a society, the program was able to access gaming money to give grants to athletes so that they can travel to different events. Racers amass points based on how many competitions they attend and are eligible for prizes at the end of the year. The Series offers opportunities for both competitive and developmental athletes. It also hosts clinics and developmental days to help current participants hone their skills and encourage newcomers to take part.

Since its inception, the WC Race Series’ membership has grown by 300%. The program helps to ensure that Paralympians like Michelle Stilwell have access to quality competitive opportunities and that up-and-comers have a chance to gain valuable sport experience in a fun environment. Today, BC Wheelchair Sports celebrates the WC Race Series and its creators, James Hustvedt and Steve Milum.