• Announcement of BCWSA AGM

  • massive-dev  |  August 12, 2016

Please be advised that the BCWSA 2016 AGM will be held at 6:00pm on Thursday, September 1st, 2016 at the BCWSA office, 780 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver.

There are 4 positions up for election at the AGM.  There are three nominees who are current members of the Board of Directors, as follows:

Dean Mackinnon – Dean has been on the board of directors for BCWSA for over 19 years. He has been active in BCWSA as an official for wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby for over 32 years.  Dean is seen as a builder and leader within the organization.

Lia Threlfall – Lia has been on the board for 12 years.  Lia was employed with BCWSA as the Director of Sport Development fulfilling a maternity position prior to joining the board.  Lia currently works for the BC Games Society as the Communications Manager.  Lia has a wealth of experience in the sport system in BC.

Teri Thorson – Teri has been on the board for 2 years.  Teri is Paralympian from the sport of Wheelchair Athletics.  She is a former member of the Board of the WC Race Series and previously worked with Spinal Cord Injury BC and the BC Rehab Foundation.  Teri has also developed a line of clothing for individuals with disabilities.  Teri brings both an athlete and program leadership perspective to the organization

Enclosed find a proxy form which, as a voting member of this Association, gives you the opportunity to have a vote by designating a member in good standing to vote on your behalf.  This proxy vote is to be used only if you are unable to attend the Annual General Meeting on Thursday, September 1st, 2016.  Also enclosed is a Nomination Form for anyone wishing to submit a nomination.

Please complete, sign and mail, deliver, email or fax your proxy and/or nomination form to BCWSA by Monday, August 29th, 2016 to BC Wheelchair Sports, 780 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC  V6P 5Y7
Fax: 604-326-1229 or Email: gail@bcwheelchairsports.com