• Cheer on BCWSA Athletes at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

  • massive-dev  |  September 10, 2016

It’s time for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games! We couldn’t be more excited to cheer on our BC athletes who train so hard throughout the year. The good news is that you can watch all the games live on CBC or on CBC during the extensive television coverage. We’ve broken down the schedule by athlete and sport so that you won’t miss a second! Go Canada Go and good luck to these amazing athletes.

Wheelchair Athletics

Who: Michelle Stilwell and Tristan Smyth. Kelly Smith is a coach!


Michelle Stilwell

400m Final – Saturday September 10th at 11:04 – 11:10am Rio time (7:04 – 7:10am Pacific Time)
Medal Ceremony – 12:17 – 12:24pm Rio time (8:17 – 8:24am Pacific Time)
100m Final – Saturday September 17th at 11:05 -11:11am Rio time (7:05 – 7:11am Pacific Time)
Medal Ceremony – 12:08 – 12:15pm Rio time (8:08 – 8:15pm Pacific Time)

Tristan Smyth

Men’s 1500m T54: Round 1 heats from 13:57 – 14:17 Pacific (we’ll post specific times sooner) on Monday, Sept 12
Men’s 1500m T54 Finals: 13:21 Pacific on Tuesday, Sept 13th
Men’s 4 X 400m T53-54 Round 1: 8:27 – 8:48 Pacifi on Friday, Sept 16th
Men’s 4 X 400m final: Saturday Sept 17th at 13:48

Wheelchair Rugby

Who: Over half of the wheelchair rugby team is either from BC or trains here. Cheer for:

  • Ian Chan
  • Trevor Hirschfield
  • Travis Murao
  • Byron Green
  • Zak Madell (trains here)
  • Fabien Lavoie (trains here)
  • Miranda Biletski (trains here)

Sept 14th @ 15:15 PST: Canada vs. Brazil
Sept 15th @ 8:45 PST: Canada vs. Great Britain
Sept 16th @ 15:15 PST: Canada vs Australia
Sept 17: Semi-finals
Sept 18: FInals!

Target Shooting

Though shooting is no longer an official BCWSA sport, we are still proud of Doug Blessin.Unfortunately the matches will not be televised, but we’ll keep you updated on the results. Doug competes on:
R4 Mixed 10m Air Rifle Stand SH2 Qual: Sept 10 at 8:15 am Pacific
R5 Mixed 10m Air Rifle Prone SH2 Qual: Sept 13 at 9 am Pacific