• ITF3 Vancouver International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament

  • massive-dev  |  January 6, 2016

The 2016 Vancouver International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament will take place from 8 am – 6 pm from July 14-17 at Kits Beach. Come watch top players from around the world battle in front of the gorgeous backdrop of Kits Beach.

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Order of Play and Draws

Sunday Order of Play

Saturday Order of Play

Friday’s Order of Play

Thursday’s Order of Play

Women’s Singles Draw
Quad Singles Draw
Men’s Singles Draw
Junior’s Singles Draw


A special thank you to our sponsors and partners:

Tennis Canada
The International Tennis Federation
City of Vancouver
Hosting BC
Odlum Brown
ESP Technologies Group
Rackets & Runners



Men’s Singles

Misha Bilenky (CAN)
Casey Ratzlaff (USA)
Tomas Bourassa (CAN)
Chris Herman (USA)
Kouhei Suzuki (JPN)
Roberto Molina (CAN)
Kai Schrameyer (CAN)
Thomas Venos (CAN)
Louis Yong (CAN)
Todd Hanover (USA)
Jean Francois Sylvestre (CAN)
Richard Peter (CAN)
Tito Bautista (MEX)
Marc McCarroll (GBR)
Vince Preap (CAN)
Barry Henderson (CAN)
Cole Wooten (USA)

Women’s Singles

Puisand Lai (CAN)
Tara Llanes (CAN)
Kirsten Sharp (CAN)
Elizabeth Williams (USA)
Shelby Baron (USA)
Emmy Kaiser (USA)
Kaitlyn Verfuerth (USA)
Megan Smith (CAN)


Tomas Bourassa (CAN)
Puisand Lai (CAN)
Thomas Venos (CAN)
Chris Herman (USA)
Cole Wooten (USA)
Megan Smith (CAN)
Casey Ratzlaff (USA)


Steven Baxter (USA)
John Chernesky (CAN)
Peter Isherwood (CAN)
Gary Luker (CAN)
Mitch McIntyre (CAN)
Julio Rueda (GTM)
Ryan Schweizer (CAN)
Robert Shaw (CAN)
Mika Ishikawa (CAN)