• Vancouver Whalers Wheelchair Rugby (Raycam)

  • massive-dev  |  October 21, 2021

The Vancouver Wheelchair Rugby Club is back in action and practices are in full swing. Join the Vancouver Whalers every Tuesday evening from 5:45-8pm at Raycam Cooperative Centre in Vancouver. These fun practices are open to athletes of skill levels from first-timers to veteran provincial team players. This weekly program places an emphasis on fun and skill development. 

Equipment is available for new participants, contact Program Manager jackie@bcwheelchairsports.com for more info. 


Vancouver Whalers Wheelchair Rugby

Dates: Tuesdays from September – May 
Time: 5:45-8pm 
Location: Raycam Cooperative Centre (920 East Hastings Street) 
Coaching: Teri Thorson 
Registration: RSVP to Program Manager Jackie Patatas at jackie@bcwheelchairsports.com 

COVID-19 Protocols


While BCWSA has in place guidelines (See Below) to as best as we can prevent the spread of COVID-19 there is still risk in participating in any sporting activity given the current spread of COVID-19. Everyone plays a role in keeping their community safe and it more important than ever that we adhere to all guidelines and public health advice. If at any time you feel sick please do not attend programming.

  • All activities must follow all Government of BC COVID-19 Restrictions and Orders
  • All participants (or their parents for participants under 18) will be required to sign an updated BCWSA Waiver or Assumption of Risk AND COVID-19 Declaration and must follow all BCWSA Policies and Protocols.
  • Individuals should not attend any sport programming if they are unwell. Participants may use the COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool (https://bc.thrive.health/covid19/en/) to assess their symptoms as necessary. It is the responsibility of the individual to monitor themselves for symptoms which may be related to COVID-19.

All participants and coaches should continue to practice good hygiene (frequent hand washing with soap and water and use of hand sanitizers;; avoid touching one’s face; respiratory etiquette; disinfect frequently touched surfaces).

IMPORTANT! All participants must sign a COVID-19 Declaration and updated BCWSA Waiver before participating in any BCWSA programming. If you have already signed these documents you do not need to complete them again. Please contact Jackie if you’re unsure.